Web Bluetooth in Chrome for Windows

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  • Google just posted this:


    Web Bluetooth support good enough for Puck.js has just landed in Chrome Canary (the beta version of Chrome). This is awesome news - and hopefully will go a long way towards making windows' users lives much easier!

    edit: As of July 2018 notifications are still not working - so you can send data to Puck.js but can't receive anything. It seems that Google are still working on web bluetooth for Windows, but are rewriting it from scratch to allow it to work as it does on other platforms (without requiring pairing) - it's taking them a while so until that gets finished we're stuck with the current (extremely partial) Web Bluetooth on windows.

  • ...like the sequence in which the working platforms are mentioned:

    1. Espruino
    2. Nordic

    Congrats, @Gordon!

  • Has anyone tried the new feature?

  • I have - unfortunately last time I checked they hadn't got 'notifications' working, so no data could be read back from Puck.js. You could connect, could write code on the right-hand side of the IDE and upload, but couldn't see any responses.

    I did tell them about it, so hopefully it's something they'll fix soonish.

  • I found the same problem you had. Connected, I write but I do not receive notification data... We await updates 😉

  • Yes - sorry about that. When Google themselves posted it worked I just posted it up immediately before I'd had a chance to check. I should have updated this post!

  • Thanks! We'll see what happens :)

  • Do we know if there's been any progress on this front?

  • Not apart from what's on Google's bug tracker - maybe bug them there and see if it helps? https://github.com/WebBluetoothCG/web-bl­uetooth/issues/387

  • @Gordon

    I got all excited thinking there was a chrome update for windows... bah

    Please can you remove the spam message above?

  • Thanks - just done. I'll update the main post too...

  • Web Bluetooth now works in Windows!

    You need 'Chrome Canary' (the absolute latest version) at the moment, but I think when version 70 hits chrome stable in a month or so we'll finally be sorted!

  • ...not for nothing is the version duped 'Canary' - (known to me as) the singing bird... color of the app icon is yellow as well... is this telling - singing - a story?

    ...and it is not only singing, but bleeding too... eh... bleeding edge.

    A while back - about 6 years - I used it to debug dynamic Web pages on Android phones.. quite neat, because the browser runs on the real hardware, and only the debugger / monitor / console runs on cross development equipment.

  • And now working in just-released Chrome 70 on Windows!

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Web Bluetooth in Chrome for Windows

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