• Gordon did some changes in Bluetooth libs to support changes for other boards.
    Actual version in ESP32 branch supports this in a very early version.
    To get more take a look to md files in targets/esp32/docs/bluetooth

    There is also a minor change which helps for problems around jshGetTime. Hopefully this also helps for the DigitalPulse crash

    Bad news: no binary available.
    Espressif, ths guys behind ESP32 promised a new version before Chines next Year. And its a lot of work to get automatic generation running for new versions. I'm pretty sure @wilberforce, he is the one who knows how to do, will not waste his time for weekly changes.

    If you want to create your own binary, take a look to docs. There you will find a lot.
    To put some water into wine, ESP-IDF is under heavy construction. Expect changes that generate some errors during compiling.

    Anyway, there have been some guys asking how they could help to port Bluetooth to Espruino for ESP32. Its a good time now to start ;-)

  • Thanks for all your work on this! I took a quick look at the changes and it looks really promising - it seems like it's all going to fit in quite nicely :)

  • @jumjum cc @opichals @Gordon
    How do we get this change for jshGetSystemTime() into the master branch?


    Only have have access to commit into the ESP32 branch, and we are not ready to pull this into master as the bluetooth stuff is currently in this branch

  • Managed to do a pull request here:


  • I'm a bit late to this, but:

    How do we get this change for jshGetSystemTime() into the master branch?

    What you did (PR for just that change) was spot on :)

  • Yes - I realised I could cut and paste the code in github online without having to pull locally - and this would create a pull request.

    @opichals made a good point on the pull request Comment - the mux should be initialsed.



    @jumjum can you add this to your branch/local code?
    Otherwise we will loose on master when we merge.

    I'm not sure if anyone has tried the code yet to see if this actuall fixes the setwatch issue?

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new sources for Bluetooth and a fix for jshGetTime problem

Posted by Avatar for JumJum @JumJum