www.infor-link.com NRF52832 with Espruino

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  • Hello!
    I'm able to flash Espruino to this http://www.infor-link.com NRF52832. Board very simular to MDBT42Q from Puck.js - just chip and several passive components on pcb.
    I try espruino_1v94_nrf52832.hex and espruino_1v94_puckjs.hex from resent travis build.
    BLE part working - nRF Connect able to connect to board.

    But i'm unable to connect to board using UART - no any output at 9600 or any other speed.
    Do i need any external components like pull-up resistors or anything else?

  • That's interesting - the UART should work fine for you. However see: http://www.espruino.com/Puck.js#serial-c­onsole

    You need to have the UART RX pin pulled high (the idle state) when the firmware boots up. Enabling the UART uses lots of power (the chip can't sleep properly), so it's not done automatically.

  • Is it same for NRF52832DK?

    And there is error somewhere:
    from site:
    When power is first applied, Puck.js checks if pin D28 is at 3.3v (which will be the case if it is connected to a Serial port's transmit line)
    forom PUCKJS.py

    'D29' : "If pulled up to 1 on startup, D28 and D29 become Serial1",
  • Thanks - just updated that.

    NRF52832DK is the same I think, but the pins are different - check the BOARD.py file for which ones.

  • For NRF52832DK there is no note in NRF52832DK.py.
    Can you suggest where to look in sources for UART initialization in such way?

  • No :) I'm not about Pin definitions. I'm about high level on RX for UART enabling.

  • OK. All works well. On bare NRF52832 board with espruino_1v94_nrf52832.hex RX must be high at boot.

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www.infor-link.com NRF52832 with Espruino

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