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  • Hi everyone!

    It's been far too long since the last video chat, so I'd like to get something organised in the next week or so.

    Do you have any preferences about timings or days? To be reasonably convenient for the most people I'd imagine 16:00 GMT (5pm UK, 9am PST) might work out well. Maybe on Tuesday 17th.

    Please let me know if that is or isn't convenient though!

    I'll probably try and sort out a Hangouts Video chat this time - on YouTube live it was a bit odd only being able to respond to text messages (which then weren't saved alongside the video!). Please post up anything you'd like to talk about - especially if it's something I can prepare somehow!

  • I would love to discuss more on Alexa integration!

  • ...penciling it in my calendar.

  • In terms of timing, I'd like something that doesn't interfere with work during the week. Espruino and electronics are my hobby, not my job, so I feel guilty taking time away from work to participate in a video chat, and if there's a meeting for the day job then, that has to take priority. . I'm not sure if others feel the same way; If not, I'm wondering how people manage to make that work out.

    It would work a lot better for the hobbyists - IMO - if you were to do like 1600GMT on a saturday or sunday... which I of course realize is a less convenient day for you, since this is a job for you...

    I'm interested in Alexa integration too, actually. I think integration with smart home voice controllers is kind of a big deal for people (I may be wrong, ofc - it happens occasionally), as that's something that can provide a whole other level of responsiveness and better integrate these smart objects with the rest of our lives. I've got a solution for alexa control currently, but it is hardly the most graceful solution!

    What was the turnout like last time?

  • Thanks - I could look at doing the weekend... How does everyone else feel? It'd end up being a few weekends from now though.

    Otherwise what about 15:00GMT - so 8am PST? I know that's not great though...

    Turnout last time seemed pretty good actually - I think between 10-30 people at times? I can't remember exactly though, and it wasn't 100% Patreon as it was just a public YouTube stream :) It was only a video of me, plus text chat - so it wasn't a big deal for people to just go to the URL and watch.

  • @Gordon, I suggest that this time it happens as scheduled. On longer notice a new schedule can be discussed.

  • Yes, I think that's what we'll do for now. I don't know what the turnout will be like, but I'll email over details in a few hours.

  • Ok, Video chat details at - it's 90 minutes from now.

  • on the google hangout just by myself...

  • At least you got in in the end - it was good so chat to you in person finally!

    Sorry about the mess with the hangout URL - that's something I'll at least be able to sort out for next time :)

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Video Chat

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