display e-ink 3 colors

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  • Hi!
    someone know if this display:


    is supported by espruino ?
    if yes, which library ?

    Thanks !

  • It uses an spi interface, the data sheet is here


    This lists the commands - there might be a similar display in the modules currently supported - or you could try to write a specific module for this board.

  • Looks like the forum is breaking the links - I'll see if I can tweak them :)

    I don't think there is currently a library to support it, but I'd be happy to help you write one. It should be pretty straightforward

  • Ahem no, i'm too much noob to be able to make a library!
    I'm still learning javascript with the help of espruino ;-)
    Thanks anyway for now!

  • I got recently a 3 colored one... just did not yet have the time to play around with it... It is on my list... but pushed down a bit in priority because a small monochrome OLED I have covers my display needs...

  • Great!
    Waiting for news ;-)

  • I managed to get the 2-colored one working on Espruino as part of my IRL Chrome T-Rex game project.

    You can find my initial PoC code in this gist, or check out the final version here.

  • So this is a working library for waveshare e-ink?

    Do you have an example usage code for this?

  • It's not a library per-se, just a code example. You can run PoC the code in the gist and it should draw a t-rex image on the screen (assuming that you have a similar model to mine, otherwise adjustments might be needed).

    Then you can look inside the display.js module of my game and use it as a basis for a library. You will probably have to manually change the pins in the code to whatever pins your display is connected to. Good luck!

  • Adafruit has the display as well:


    Dear allObjects, did you find the time to use this display with espruino ?


  • I have the one as shown in attached pictures. I still hope to find time at one point to connect it. More recent activities included connecting the Espruino Graphics object to displays built with NeoPixels. Some functions needed speed up - saving/restoring/moving and copying around of areas - for which I used inline C..., which btw works really nicely, as you can see documented in this conversation about Efficiently moving things around in zig-zag Graphics buffer visualized w/ 24/32 bpp displays / neopixel strings.

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  • Thanks for the Info.

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display e-ink 3 colors

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