• Hello,
    Just flashed the GIT 1v94.65 on mi ESP32 end when i try to run the sample found on the ESP32 webpage i got the subj error, any idea on what is wrong ?

    I2C1.setup({scl: D17, 'sda': D16, bitrate: 100000});
    WARNING: jshI2CSetup: driver installed, sda: 16 sdl: 17 freq: 100000,
    >var lcd = require('HD44780').connectI2C(I2C1);
    Uncaught Error: Module "HD44780" not found
     at line 1 col 28
    var lcd = require('HD44780').connectI2C(I2C1);


  • Web IDE should download HD44780 from Espruino.com/modules and send to the board.
    Is your connection to internet running ?

  • If you have to work disconnected or with spotty connection, copy - when once (decently) connected - the minified module from https://espruino.com/modules/HD44780.minĀ­.js into your modules folder in your local sandbox... Espruino will pick it then from there...

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require('HD44780') -> Uncaught Error: Module "HD44780" not found

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