WARNING: Module "WIZnet" not found on ESP32

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  • good day! I have a problem, can't connect to the Board wiznet5500 and ESP32. In the console writes the following error:
    WARNING: Module "WIZnet" not found
    Uncaught Error: Unable to mount media : NO_FILESYSTEM
    at line 1 col 25
    My code:
    SPI2.setup({sck:18, mosi:23,miso:19});
    var g = require("WIZnet").connectSPI(SPI2, 12, go, { cs:5 });

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  • Hi,

    I'm afraid the WIZnet ethernet module isn't compiled into ESP32 - it's normally only in the official Espruino boards unless you specifically compile it in.

    Even if it was, I believe there may be conflicts between that and the built-in WiFi

  • when will the bin under esp32 or esp8266?

  • Maybe you can try to flash a bin from another Board and then the W5500 will work? I just do not understand how to do it? espruino_1v93_espruino_1r3_wiznet.bin what address to sew?

  • WIZnet ethernet won't work with ESP32 without extra development work on the Espruino interpreter itself.

    If you want to use the WIZnet board with Espruino, buy an official board from http://www.espruino.com/Order

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WARNING: Module "WIZnet" not found on ESP32

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