Article on espruino and @Gordon in make magazine

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  • Article on espruino and @Gordon in make magazine...

    Maker Pro News: An Open Hardware Exposé, Changes at TechShop, and More­-news-open-hardware-expose-changes-techs­hop/­open-for-business/

  • Thanks - I didn't realise they'd actually put the article online as well as in the magazine :)

  • Really interesting article, I can definitely see the problem with generating sales when ESP8266 boards are so easy and cheap to get a hold of.
    But I'm loving my Puck.js, so fun to play around with and try different things. Probably going to buy a pico soon as well. Maybe more "unique" boards as puck.js is the way to go?

  • Thanks! Yes, it's particularly frustrating because I really like the idea of the ESP8266, and would love for there to be a way to pay for me to work on Espruino for it. Starting a Patreon page was one way to help with that, but as it happens a significant amount of my supporters there are folks that own Espruino boards and/or have supported me through the KickStarters, which I feel a bit guilty about!

    I'd like to offer a paid web service for Espruino/ESP8266 programming & management, but it's quite a big undertaking (ensuring that I maintain an uninterrupted service for the next X years). I'm also not 100% sure it'd be worth it - there are loads of IoT web service companies around, but to me it feels like most are VC funded and aren't actually breaking even.

    I guess KickStarter would be a good way to test the waters there. Something like the Ghost blogging platform has been a massive success.

    I'm definitely looking at producing other boards though. I really like the Puck's nRF52 chip, and given the amount of effort that's gone into the port I would really like to offer some more things around that soon...

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Article on espruino and @Gordon in make magazine

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