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  • Not sure if this is the right place for this - but I see you're writing a book: (­mart-Programming-Transforming/dp/1680451­898 )

    can I ask that you also release it in kindle? I will buy it in an instant, but really prefer eBooks these days...


  • Thanks! Yes, there'll definitely be an eBook version. I'm not 100% sure if it'll do Kindle, but I'd be amazed if not especially as Amazon are selling it. It's an O'Reilly/Maker media book, so if you have any of their stuff on Kindle already I'm sure it'll be distributed in the same way.

    The only minor gotcha is that I can think of at least one diagram that could be a little tricky to decipher in black and white, but any questions just ask here and I can either post the colour version or can help out in some other way :)

    It's due out at the beginning of August for the US or (annoyingly) the end of August for UK.

  • looking forward to it - this stuff is seriously cool...


  • Have already ordered one!
    Thank you.

  • Wow, amazing - thanks! To be honest it's unlikely to teach you much more about Espruino than you already know, but hopefully there will be some fun projects in it :)

  • Ordered. It will be available in Canada on the same date as the UK release.

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