my Nucleo F411RE dont save program

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  • Hi.
    My Nucleo F411RE don't save program.
    I am write program with Espruino to my Nucleo. It works good.
    When disconnect and connect usb again program don't save.
    What jamper must connect?
    Thank you.

  • Did you actually type save() to save your code?

    Also, I'd check that the button (or the pin it is connected to) isn't help down - if the button is held while Espruino boots then it won't load the saved code

  • I try save(); dont work.
    Bottom is ok.
    It is code for example.
    var on = false;
    setInterval(function() {
    on = !on;
    }, 2000);

  • All works. without save(). But i don't understand what was helped.

  • What happens if you type on the left-hand side?

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my Nucleo F411RE dont save program

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