ruuviTag won't connect to Espruino Web IDE

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  • I'm trying to connect my ruuviTag to the Espruino Web IDE on my Mac. When I connect to the Web Bluetooth port, it scans for the ruuviTag but it's never found. I went on to their nRF connect app and I can see the device there.

    I keep getting this error in the IDE console:

    Set Slow Write = true
    BT> ERROR: NotFoundError: User cancelled the requestDevice() chooser.
    ERROR: [notify_error] Connection Failed.
    Connection Failed.

    It seems it's a problem in Espruino Web IDE because loading the URL is failing.

    The ruuviTag has the latest Espruino firmware updated on it.
    The IDE connects on the Samsung S7 edge but not Mac.

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  • Hi,

    Can you check in the about page what version of Chrome you have? The 404 error there won't be causing the connection problem. The IDE searches by name, but also by the advertised services (UART), and those should be the ones the Ruuvitag is picked up by.

    However, older versions of chrome did have a problem with that.

    Also, what name does the Ruuvitag appear as in the nRF connect app?

  • Thanks for getting back so quickly.
    I have the most recent update of chrome Version 59.0.3071.86 (Official Build) (64-bit)

    The name appears as ruuviTag 38ad

  • In the about page: Web IDE version 0.66.1

  • @François do you have any ideas? I thought that issue with the device not being recognized by the service UUIDs got fixed a while ago.

    It'd be easy enough to test using a Puck or nRF52DK by using:

    NRF.setAdvertising({},{name:"ruuviTag 38ad"});

    and trying to reconnect.

    @user78109 please could you connect on your phone and upload the following:

    NRF.setAdvertising({},{name:"Espruino ruuvi"});

    And see if that allows your Mac to connect? If so, I can add ruuviTag to the IDE's list of device names to fix it for now.

    Also, just to check: You did disconnect from your phone before trying to connect with the Mac? It won't be visible to any other devices if it's already connected.

  • @Gordon

    Yeah my phone wasn't connected when I tried with Mac. Where exactly do you want this uploaded? In a file path? In the IDE on my phone or Mac? In the Chrome editor? Thanks

  • Try:

    Then hopefully the ruuvitag will be renamed and you can see if you can connect with the Mac

  • So I did exactly what you said and my android phone updates the ruuviTag as Espruino ruuvi but my mac still can't find the device. NRF connect on my android finds the device as Espruino ruuvi and NRF connect on my iphone finds it as ruuviTag 38ad

  • Which Mac do you have? Until a few years ago they didn't have a proper Bluetooth Low Energy radio built in, so I guess it's possible that yours need an external dongle to work?

  • My Mac model is late 2011.. With that said, I'll try the external dongle today and let you know.

  • Can you see the Ruuvitag in the Mac's own Bluetooth menu? I think with 2011 it's a possibility it won't have it. My 2009 iMac didn't.

    The info you need to check (and commands to swap bluetooth over) are here:­art#mac-os

  • Yeah no the see the ruuvitag does not appear in the bluetooth menu.. thanks

  • So the dongle allows me to see the ruuvi tag device but when I try to pair with the IDE, it says "connecting" but never connects

  • finally got it to connect

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ruuviTag won't connect to Espruino Web IDE

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