Pico + ESP32 wifi and ble

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  • Will it be possible to combine a normal pico with a normal ESP32 with wifi and ble?

  • For sure you can do that, but ESP32 is powerful enough to run all on it... what you though do not get is power frugalness... In other words, you can use an Espruino as the controling unit and switch the ESP32 on only when you want to communicate... I do not know all the specs of the EPS32, but even when just using BLE, a ESP32 pulls way more than you need for just a BLE. As said, if you can use BLE separately from Wifi...

    So it all depends how you power the stuff...

    What I for sure can recommend is beginning with a Espruino pico or an Espruino/Wifi board (and add separate BLE), because it just runs. Other stuff may be enticing... but the few bucks you save you will pay for ... to drown the insanity you incur when trying to figure out why it's not working. Any gadget's worth is what you get beyond just the hardware...

  • True that

  • You could wire an ESP32 to a Pico by serial, and it looks like you can install an AT command firmware on it.

    As I understand it, BLE on ESP32 could still be a bit painful though. I don't think it's exposed by an AT command firmware, and the ESP32 Espruino build doesn't support it. You'd basically be programming your own C code on the ESP32 itself, which is probably not where you want to be.

    If you really want Bluetooth and WiFi I think the best bet right now is to use a Puck.js wired up to an ESP8266. You get a decent JS BLE API, and the same WiFi library that works on the Pico.

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Pico + ESP32 wifi and ble

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