There is any S6D1121 LCD driver library?

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  • Hello everyone!
    Today I tried to connect a TFT LCD with the S6D1121 driver to the ESPRUINO board. But I could not find the library to connect this screen.
    Is there any library for connecting this screen?
    Thanks in advance for your reply.

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  • I haven't come across that one before, but it looks a little like this one, which you could try?

    The datasheet is here and it does appear that the LCD supports the SPI interface:

    If you can find a simple example of using it with some other device like an Arduino then we could help you to make a driver to get it working?

  • Hi @Gordon,
    I don't understand which pins are SPI MOSI MISO SCK and CS.
    I found only that this LCD can drive by UTFT arduino lib (but as i understand only in 8bit/16bit interface) and nothing about SPI.

    Is there any way to detect SPI pins?

  • It looks like on that board the IM0..IM3 wires (which define the mode) are hard-wired, so serial won't be an option and I guess you're stuck with the full 8 bits.

    You'd need to copy the magic code fromĀ­ter/UTFT.cpp wherever S6D1121_8 is mentioned, and then use digitalWrite to implement LCD_Write_COM and LCD_Write_DATA.

    You might be able to use shiftOut to push the image data out quickly if you're lucky, but I'm not sure.

    Honestly, it's going to be tricky, and the display will use up loads of your IO and be a pain to solder up. Personally I'd just buy a different SPI graphics display that is supported by Espruino :)

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There is any S6D1121 LCD driver library?

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