3x4 font - lowercase letters + numbers

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  • this was just a crazy experiment. ideal for hurting one's eyes, not sure if there are any practical benefits. also, a few characters had to be rotated 90 degrees which makes it even more difficult to read. you've been warned.

    g.setFontCustom(font, 33, 3, 4);

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  • The 4x4 set is great, couldn't believe. Its still readable, really great.
    Now I can take 2 of my 8X8 leds and show some text.

    This 3x4 is, hmm, its what you said, crazy.
    May be for numbers only (?)
    Anyway its an interesting experiment, thanks for publishing.

  • thank you for the comment. btw some people went beyond this.. https://news.ycombinator.com/item?id=193­7677 :-)

  • Thanks! Yeah, this is one it might not be quite as useful - impressive though, I can still make quite a lot of it out :)

    I reckon if you could do the font in greyscale you could antialias and actually get it pretty readable? Unfortunately that's not something the existing font stuff in Espruino is set up for.

  • hey there again. i've played with it a bit more - rotating characters was really a bad idea so now instead of it i made it a font with a variable width. surely enough the text now gets quite jumpy but my wife was able to decipher it :-)


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3x4 font - lowercase letters + numbers

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