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  • I'm asking to myself if it will be possibile send automatically a URL to any device witch enter a field of action of the puckjs wifi

  • I'm not sure if I understand the question - Puck.js has Bluetooth, not WiFi.

    To send a URL, you can turn Puck.js into a 'beacon':

  • damn You are right sorry for asking this no sense question ... I'm trying to find a way to send a passbook file so to truly have no need to register email, use sms or any other thing but send the file as a device were detected in the field of action of puckjs as a ibeacon ... for example i would like to place a puckjs over a fire dept extinguish hardware so as i'm near of it on my phone popup a message that allow me to link to a tech data sheet

  • Ahh, ok - then yes, you'd need one of the above 2 links.

    Unfortunately Apple and Android use different beacon formats, but Puck.js can emulate both at the same time if needed.

    I know more about the Android one - that's pretty easy to put URLs in. The Apple one is ok, but (as usual) it'll require you to sign up with Apple first and register yourself! :)

  • Truly thanks Mr. Gordon, i have tought to use the passbook format to popup with a minimal tech data directly on phone so to didn't have to intalla custom app and so on but it seem that i need to pass a passbook via email or sms or something similar to make things works and this require that potential visitor of building must download or register themselves ... i'm trying to find a way so user no need to install, register or link to anything but just agree to read message and voilà ... maybe I'm trying something impossible :) thanks a lot for Yoru reply ...

  • You shouldn't need custom software on the phone for iBeacon.

    When I replied to your message I sent you this link:­738/ios-passbook-with-estimote-ibeacon

    which links to:­ing-Started-with-iBeacon.pdf

    and also:­738/ios-passbook-with-estimote-ibeacon

    That says:

    • Bluetooth must be turned on
    • Location services must be turned on (Settings -> Privacy -> Location Services)
    • Passbook needs to be authorised to use Location Services
    • Background App Refresh needs to be turned on (Settings -> General -> Background App Refresh)

    But yes, if it's too much to ask users to have that done on their phones then you may be out of luck.

    Manufacturers have to be careful about what they enable by default on their phones, or you'd be spammed with advertisements whenever you went to a shopping centre!

  • @user75202, additionally, if you want to quickly prototype something like this and have a modern Android phone, you could alternatively use NRF.nfcURL().

    The user would bring the back of her phone right next to the Puck.JS on the fire extinguisher (closer than iBeacon or Eddystone), and the page opens. But, it requires only one line of code to work, and makes for a satisfying demo.

    You can see it in action in this 30-second tour of Puck.js.

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send url via wifi

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