• Hi!
    I'd want to change Blockly version to last one - it has many useful features (and it have much better translation to Russian, I've already backported it to current espruino-server).
    last Blockly version have good interface to design custom blocks. It is critical feature to use espruino for children to study programming. I want to implement few custom blocks to control devices before each lesson.
    Also I am going to change some Espruino blocks (like setWatch) to make it looks more usual, like event processing blocks in Scratch and Blockly games.
    One problem is that last Blockly stores some data in JSON files instead of JS.
    Second one is that there is no easy-to-use build system to integrate these Blocky changes to espruino-server.

    My goal is to combine/build some environment (boards, tools etc.) to children (my children, but not only) can program some automation and/or easy robots the same way as in Scratch/blockly games/code studio.

    JS itself looks to be too hard for small children, while Blockly seems to be very good choice. Even youngest one (less then 4 years old) can solve most of code studio course 2 tasks.

  • Can you not just overwrite the files in the blockly folder that are served up by the server?

    I'm happy to use the latest version, but I don't really understand your point about JSON. You don't have to have JSON to define blocks at the moment, you just do something like this: https://github.com/espruino/EspruinoWebI­DE/blob/gh-pages/blockly/blockly_robot.j­s

    In terms of setWatch and other blocks, obviously you can change them yourself, but I want to keep it the same in the main Web IDE as I know there are schools at the moment that have already made teaching materials that use the current layout, and I don't want them to have to redo everything.

    As far as adding blocks goes, perhaps you could look at the possibility of just referencing a JS URL that contains the extra blocks? That way people could use it on any IDE - not just the server-based one.

    For instance, a teacher could set every computer to get the extra blocks off a GitHub URL - and before each lesson could change what was in that GitHub repo - automatically changing the blocks that appeared on every child's computer.

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How to change version of Blockly on standalone espruino-server?

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