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  • I've just made some changes to the way the forum is organised. I've split it off in to two main sections - one for official boards and one for other boards.

    I'd been trying to do two things with the Espruino Forums - to provide a forum for all Espruino users, but also to provide proper timely support for users of Espruino Boards that have helped support my work on Espruino itself.

    It's getting harder for me to sort through who is using Espruino boards and who isn't, and it also sucks when I have to tell people 'I'm not fixing this because it's not an official board'. There are also an increasing number of unsolved 'this doesn't work' style posts that would make a casual observer think Espruino has problems when in actual fact it's just an issue with a specific port.

    So I'm hoping this split will be a better long-term solution - everyone's welcome, no matter which board you use - but you're far more likely to get an answer/fix from me personally if you have an official board and post your questions in the 'Official Boards' section.

    I'm sure the split has left many posts in the wrong places, so if you notice something, please PM me the URLs and I'll try and move them around. Also, if you have any good icon ideas for forums, please let me know!

    I'm also considering a donation/patreon section if there's demand? I'm not against supporting users of other boards - but I can't afford to spend 4 hours or more a day doing it for free, which was happening for a while last year. Who knows, it might also encourage some donations - there have been just 30 in the last year, during which time there were around 1 million downloads!

  • Sounds like a good way to handle the situation. Your work is appreciated @Gordon, it's amazing that Espruino is all done by one person.

  • there have been just 30 in the last year, during which time there were around 1 million downloads!

    What a shame.....

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Forum tweaks

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