Espruino WEB IDE on C.H.I.P board

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  • I have few Puck.js devices and have not any recommended devices for WEB IDE. So I've tried to use C.H.I.P board (it is Kickstarter project, now on the same way as documented for Raspberry. It works!
    So now I have very chip server ($9) for Puck.js devices. I think it may be good solution for many people.

    Some problems: Projects button does not work, espruino-server often closes with error after disconnect. But all of them are not fatal to use Puck.js.

  • Great!

    Unfortunately yes, the project button only works in the Chrome Web App - not when running with Espruino-server. It should really disable itself.

    Odd about the closure on disconnect. What message does it give?

    As I understand it, you can actually run the full Chrome (Chromium?) web browser on CHIP, and can install the IDE as a Web App - so you can actually use the 'normal' Web IDE app on the little CHIP pocket PC as well! :)

  • Sorry for late answer.
    I have attached message from espruino-server.
    I have it about 1 per 5 reconnections. It seems that pauses does not matter.

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Espruino WEB IDE on C.H.I.P board

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