Trace Electrical Wiring in a Wall

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  • I gave a friend who is retiring ... a puck.js (there is no un-selfish act: I want him to do things for me).

    However, he did ask "Can it be used to trace electrical wiring in a wall?"

    I said ... dunno

    In case someone has the answer, I ask here.

  • Well... you could read the mag value, and use pwm to pulse the led depending on the value of mag, so the stronger would make a led brighter.

    Set it up so it does this with a setwatch on the button....

  • That was what my friend thought: WIP, he just got the puck.js so he has a learning curve where in the first test, he couldn't get it to work
    I post results if he gets it to work

  • It's likely only to work if there is current flowing through the wire (= a magnetic field) - if it's just electricity it could be more difficult.

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Trace Electrical Wiring in a Wall

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