Controlling a Lego device from puck.js

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  • A question from Martin who asks if a micro:bit can control, via an IR sender­unctions-IR-Remote-Control-8885

    So I sent Martin a link to the video for puck.js
    Martin leads the volenteer coding group for kids­n/

    Possible good PR I can say " a puck.js can :) "

  • Yes, I'd be pretty sure Puck.js could do it - I don't have one to test, but doing this would probably work fine:­

    With micro:bit, maybe. You'd have to add an IR transmitter and manually do analogWrite - basically this:­ne=97,98,99,100,101,102,103,104

    but once you have that in a function it should behave the same as the Puck.

    If he does have some success, it'd be great if he could post up his code (the IR waveforms) and maybe we could turn it into a library that others could use.

  • Martin said : quick response.
    Thanks Gordon.
    In my view, the hw and sw of Espruino is what the kids of DK deserve for the real Z80 esperience and kick in play and learn

  • How about a trip to Copenhagen one day: I think Martin would like a easily consumable Gordon session where inspiration to play and learn for kids is interesting.

    micro:bit foundation and espruino are tangental in there aims so some form of micro:bit foundation and esruino way would also need to be taken care of.

    The weather in Copenhagen is better in the Spring and if I can take care of some of the burden from Martin, it could be a great session if you have time and some form of payment (budget(s) unknown)

    /cc Martin

  • It'd be an idea, however I have virtually no free time at the moment. I have to focus my efforts on things that help sell Espruino/Puck.js, so I can keep working on it.

    As much as I'd like to help out with education, and even if you somehow find a way to pay for my flight and time, selling micro:bits doesn't help Espruino at all - in fact it probably just means more support people expect from me for free :(

    IMO the best thing I can do right now for education is to spend my time trying to make sure I can keep working on Espruino long-term.

  • Yep: the idea was getting Espruino devices more in focus to ensure finance for Espruino SW.

    The micro:bit ram/flash is at the moment too little and an opportunity for Espruino devices to come forth and show what is on board javascript (zx80 experience).

    I have some more orders for puck.js: just waiting a bit to save postage.

    In order to get batches of 20's ordered, some form of indication of quantity for Denmark is needed so I can get a local distributor interested (not me: I have real life work, micro controllers are "free time").

    There are also orders that I do not see from people I have shown the puck.js / Espruino experience to.

  • For completeness.
    OK : a puck.js will be used in Denmark.
    Actually near the birth of Lego, Billund: pity there isn't a random forum to post the pics when it happens :)­unctions_RC.pdf

  • Two puck.js's are in the hands of a Coding Pirate in Aalborg.
    Three in Silkeborg, 1 for anyone wishing hands on and a map of Denmark.

    No need for any comment: getting kids to use the puck.js is going to be fun.

  • Cool, this will bring back my dusted RCX1.0 :)

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  • Great :)
    (Edit I miss a "like" on this forum so as not to generate too much noise )


    may help in the porting to Espruino puck.js :)

    It would be nice to get this "on the net" with a puck.js as I think the old lego controllers are fun and a good kids thing for a puck.js

    Could also stop the throwing away of good plastic and electronics

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Controlling a Lego device from puck.js

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