nRF Connect on Android shows only Dropbox

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  • The video that shows nRF Connect on Android may need an update as on a newly installed Android , there seems only to be access to Dropbox and not local files on the Android

    I will setup a video capture of my Android device asap.

    Sitting in a hospital waiting for an X-Ray with a puck.js in one hand and a new Android in the other I was able to DFU the device last night.

    In the meantime, this morning, I did have some problems in viewing the present video: seems to work now and can be local problems.!AjrUd3nKLXV84zftd7OA­99Y5qozE

  • Honestly, I do a lot of support for Espruino, but I draw the line at fixing :)

    Maybe post a video up - I don't know what you're doing but it works perfectly for me with an up to date nRF connect and Android.

  • Yep :) you tube is probably not in scope :)

    Apologies for getting on the wrong channel (again) News­812/

    This thread is better, under General

  • Oh great. It looks like DropBox has taken over the system file chooser.

    I bet if you uninstall DropBox you'll get the system one back, or there might be an option in DropBox itself somewhere.

    Is this a phone you borrowed? I'd imagine someone set it up like that - they shouldn't come like it by default (unless it's some magic Samsung thing - but it seems unlike Samsung to make their phones usage dependent on a third party provider).

  • See latter update

  • Dropbox is a system app on the Android device.
    Disabling gives a choice of various File Browser options.
    Re-enable gives only Dropbox: suggests some hidden preference for Dropbox or whatever.

    Summary: nRF Connect "expected behaviour" may not be what the end user sees due to the wonderfull world of possibilities.

  • android: settings > apps > dropbox > reset "standard actions".
    But honestly, this is not an android support forum ;-)


    As the last comment states "no big issue": just a suprise

    A comment to Gordons next comment: yes "mission accomplished" doc is good :)

    If I find a way for non-dropbox, I reawake the thread

    After installation of OneDrive on my android, OneDrive is also a choice together with Dropbox
    As I compile the Espruino on a Windows 10, and DFU from the Android (for the moment) the usage of File sharing means no middle step to transfer the DFU file to the Android: just select from File sharing

  • Oh well, at least it's on the forum now if anybody searches

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nRF Connect on Android shows only Dropbox

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