WebBLE 1.1 (iOS app) with bookmark support available!

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  • Hmm, it seems that the web inspector is disabled for apps downloaded from the app store. I'm just investigating whether that's something I can turn on, otherwise you could always build WebBLE yourself and run it in debug mode locally which will allow it to work. Or you can hack console.log() to send it to a <div> on your page or something like that (which is what I used to do).

  • The more I look into it the more it seems it is not possible to attach the Web Inspector to apps distributed via the App Store :-( See for example this ADC thread.

    So for now you can try one of the two options I gave above, or debugging in Chrome on a WebBluetooth enabled PC / Mac first. I would like to add a console page to WebBLE so at least that is visible... but it will depend on whether I can find the time.

  • cool... we're getting super close to releasing this hardware. We already have a first client.

    Any help with this test? cant seem to find the error. Works on chrome browser and android phone.


  • Hey! I did some more testing and found the error using this remote console tool called JS Console... https://jsconsole.com/?%3Alisten

    Here's the error every time the standard 2 byte heart rate monitor value is sent to Web BLE...

    "Unexpected characteristic value notification for device 810058E3-27E6-4D1A-A9A8-FC8C4C357D84 and characteristic 2a37"

    .... let me know what else I can provide...

  • Hey @hydronics, sorry I've been a bit quiet, just started a new job. I'll try and have a look at your problem over the next couple of days, will let you know how I get on.

  • I don't know - at least from a quick glance it seems that they're implementing 50/50 proprietary Apple extensions :( Still no mention of Web Bluetooth, and the Beacon API doesn't actually seem to be about Bluetooth Beacons - unless I'm missing something.

  • @Gordon Thank you, according to some dev sources they're saying that this move is a pre web Bluetooth experimental step. One way or another Apple has to catch up... with IOT and Web BLE. Another reason consumers and the business sector are not interested an iBeacon with a downloadable mobile app. Beaconising Safari and PWA are all heading for web Bluetooth directions. I hope.

  • Yes, it'll be a good step if Apple are going that way. They do seem to be starting to implement some of the existing APIs in Safari now, which is a help,

    However this is the beacon API: https://www.w3.org/TR/beacon - it has nothing to do with Bluetooth at all :(

  • @Gordon thank you for the link and yes, you're right... nothing to do with BLE. However some online Australian/American developers forums are interrupting the "beacon" as Bluetooth :(

  • Hello @Gordon, can the web Bluetooth browser/app discover my iPhone or any phone under “AcceptAlldevices”? Thank you.

  • It should be able to, but only if your phone has been set up specifically to advertise itself. I believe the PunchThrough app can do that - but basically you need another app running on the device to force it to transmit and be connectable.

  • Thank you @Gordon. We are an Australian tech startup that is deeply interested in the Web Bluetooth API with PWA (progressive web app) for our consumers.

  • Hello @Gordon and @daphtdazz I need your advice please. I’m in the process of building a PWA and need to know if it is possible to add a feature that can retrieve my smartphone’s Bluetooth device ID/ MAC address and associate it with my sign-up page? I’m aware that Web Bluetooth can do from/for a desktop version. Your feedback would be much appreciated, thank you.

  • Do you have an example of how you'd do that with Web Bluetooth?

    I didn't think you could do it (at least not without connecting to something) because Web Bluetooth tries very hard not to let malicious websites gain any identifiable information about the underlying hardware (like unique BLE IDs).

  • WebBLE on iOS does not pass true device IDs up to the web page, and instead passes random UUIDs to the web page. @Isaac.s is there a particular section of the bluetooth spec that you want implemented that we haven't already? If it's in the spec, then I'd be open to implementing it in WebBLE.

  • 1.1.5 fixed my problem. thanks!

  • Good! Sorry it took me a while to get to it :-S

  • @Gordon and @daphtdazz, Mine apologies for the late response, I’m not a tech savvy company director but waiting for my project manager to give more detailed info for your question. In simple terms, as a user i want a retailer’s pos tablet (eg using WebBle app) to detect my active BLE device and display associated info like my image, name and coupon/loyalty points. Our patented data communication would not require a Bluetooth pairing between my phone and the retailer’s pos tablet. It’s just detecting pre registered and BLE devices with associated info only. The customer’s unique device ID will not be disclosed to any retailer’s inventory back-end system or hardware. What i truely want to achieve is... Instead of IOT let’s think of IOC (internet of customers) and replace QR codes, retail mobile apps into a simple personalised instore service using or one tap on my BLE. So back to my original question, the sign up process is great with web Bluetooth at desktop version (to access and register my device id to retailer’s website) but not sure if the sign up would be simple from mobile version (to register my Ble Device ID).

  • If you are interested to hear more, please feel free to contact me on iserarbg@gmail.com thank you.

  • I'm not sure I understand - can you actually do what you want on the desktop with Web Bluetooth? Because...

    would not require a Bluetooth pairing

    I don't believe Web Bluetooth can do this. It'll always require a connection window to appear.

  • @Gordon Sorry accidentally deleted my previous message instead of edit. I believe it can be done. If a user is signing up from a desktop version (using web Bluetooth) pairing is ok, all we need is to discover, pair, and associate info. The no pairing takes place at the retailer’s pos tablets/app. It will only be used to detect and fetch associated data with pre registered device id.

  • However if that webpage is then reloaded, I believe all that pairing information is lost and all the devices would have to be re-paired - unless you have some magic way to work around that?

  • Yes, and that’s correct. We trying to find a one-off solution to capture and register the device info. The constant re pairing/connecting with a page would be difficult for users.

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WebBLE 1.1 (iOS app) with bookmark support available!

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