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  • Hi all,

    I am looking into EspruinoHub to get some basic HTTP capabilities with Puck explored. I used the minimal raspbian image and then initially had some issues with the node installation - but I managed using the nodesource installation guide. doing a sudo apt-get install node basically did not work for me, it installed but node was not available in the end.

    I am trying to understand why node-red and mqtt are part of the installation guide. All I need is HTTP features, .e.g. I want to use http from the puck.js js code. Is there a recommendation when it comes to setting up a headless version of the EspruinoHub?


  • it installed but node was not available in the end.

    Because it's an old node, it might be available as node and not nodejs (or vice-versa?).

    Or just try using the non-minimal image. 4GB SD cards are pretty cheap nowadays :)

    MQTT's there because it also relays advertising data down MQTT. At the moment you can't disable this so you will need the MQTT server installed.

    However you can leave node-red off. That's just for linking things together graphically - everything will work without it

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EspruinoHub & Headless

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