Pairing problems with Windows 8 and Windows 8.1

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  • Dear all,

    I was trying to use Windows 8.1, really do not know if it was a problem with Zadig or any Windows updating, but I lost my Bluetooth port. After many, many recovery trials, finally I reset my Windows system to the original one set when I bought it (Windows 8), really a nightmare because I lost all my installed software :-(, you know software environments for programming, ...

    Now, I am at the same point: I see the puck, but cannot pair with it. I am able of doing it with my phone, but Windows does not achieve it. Must I press any button or doing something on puck for pairing it?

    Zadig says I am already using the WinUSB driver, but no success.

    Kind regards,


  • I'm in the same situation, also lost my internal Bluetooth port after using Zadig and not been able to restore it. Bought an external BT dongle, but pairing is not working on my Win 8.1, on Win 10 pairing is successful, but as that's a 32-bit system I'm out of luck there as well...
    Waiting for @Gordon to return from his well deserved break to hopefully be able to help

  • Yes, I also tried to use another USB 4.0 external dongle, but although I install it, Bluetooth is lost, like zombie.
    Now I am trying to do next, I think it could be a good option for all Windows 8 & 8.1 users with similar problems:

    1. I have an android 6.0 phone and I have checked I am able to control my puck from chrome installed on it following 'getting started with puck'.
    2. I have installed vysor ( on my PC. Really easy, you can follow steps on web, and then you can use your phone from your laptop while you charge it :-), so you have keyboard and mouse for using web IDE on your phone.

    Sure, you also can try these two ways:

    • Andromium.
    • Connect your phone to a tv screen and use a bluetooth keyboard & mouse to program directly the puck on your phone using web IDE.

    Maybe is not the comfortablest way, but it is an option. Well, write now I have installed it. Now I need to make time for using it in this way.

    Kind regards,

  • Hi - On Windows 8.1 you shouldn't need to run Zadig - but if you do you then you won't be able to use BLE from Windows until you run Zadig again and choose the original driver.

    However, running Zadig on an external BLE dongle is nice and easy and shouldn't affect normal Windows BLE.

    Once Zadig is run, you won't be able to pair with Windows - however that is not a problem. The Native Web IDE should then be able to show Puck.js even without pairing.

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Pairing problems with Windows 8 and Windows 8.1

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