Some initial problem with Espruino on ESP12F

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  • Hello.
    First of all I would like to say I really appreciate Your hard work on this project.

    I have some problems on my ESP8266 (two ESP12F actually), on the first go I was getting JshPinState [#defines](­rch/?q=%23defines) have changed, please update pinStateToString() error and reboot loop all the time. I've managed to fix that by flashing @MaBe version that doesn't include tthat pin state check.

    Now Im getting correct output after ESP restarts (attached screenshot) but the console is non-interactive, I cant send anything to the microcontroller over that serial connection.

    The WebIDE starts as intended (connects to COM4) but is also unable to send anything (although the progressbar seems to indicate thats its doing something) and console on the left panel is also non-interactive. It should be writable - right??

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  • I want to note that its not a falsy ESP module, it works just fine with the ArduinoIDE and I've also managed to test two different modules - same result.

  • That's similar to an issue someone else was having today with a new build of Espruino on ESP8266-01. Maybe try 1.87 build. I wonder if something broken in the build.

  • Merry Christmas all. I've been having this issue off and on with the last couple of builds.
    I notice several issues. Using ESPtool, and the erases function I see this may take some time but immediately the erase completes without a report of areas erased?
    When I program 1.84 - 1.87, I get watchdog restarts. 1.89 seems to run properly. 1.90 resets continually. I am running this on a NodeMCU v3 module. It should also be noted that after flashing 1.9, I cannot use esptool to flash. Fortunately, the Arduino IDE is able to recover from this. Hope this helps. Regards, Jim

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Some initial problem with Espruino on ESP12F

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