• The standard silicone cover is very nice but doesn't really diffuse the LEDs enough to mix the colours properly. If you carve a hole in a ping pong (table tennis) ball and pop it over the top instead you get a lovely diffused glow:



  • Wow - thanks - that's a lot better!

  • That's fun !

  • Nice hack

  • Very nice. I wish it were brighter, but it does work quite well!

  • Pingpong balls are awesome for that.

    (both of those strings are running Espruino on ESP8266's - code is here: https://github.com/SpenceKonde/AzzyProje­cts/blob/master/Animate/Version8.js )

    Note that I would be uncomfortable with the pingpong ball you picked (depending on where it will be and what will be around it) - that looks like a real pingpong ball. They're made with nitrocellulose, and hence are very flammable (take the scraps from that ball outside, hold in tongs, and try to ignite it - if they burst into flames, they're the nitrocellulose ones). I use the cheapo ones, which feel like they're just plain old polypropylene or polyethylene - they're not as good as diffusers though, so I cut them in half and glued one half inside the other, and that looks much better.

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  • @DrAzzy... great improvement! ...your own night sky! Where is the milky way? ;)

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Diffuser for Puck.js LEDs - first take one ping pong ball

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