Issues with IDE on Android

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  • Hi, My Puck came yesterday and I had some fun using it with my laptop. Today I'm out and about and catching an odd few minutes to play with it via android on both my Tablet and Phone both Android 6.0.1

    I changed the default Program on the IDE to activate LED2 instead of LED1 and I get the attached:

    Is this a known issue? I have updated the firmware to the latest version.


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  • So you changed it on the right-hand side of the IDE?

    It looks to me like somehow a 'bad' character has got into the editor. Just checked and it's a 'non-breaking space'.

    Annoyingly the reason it goes nuts is a badly made addition to the IDE to supposedly support extended character sets - which escapes characters regardless of whether they're part of a string or not :( I'll see about adding yet another exception to it.

  • Yes, that's where I made the edit.

    Thanks for sorting it out :)

  • I had this. Seems to be the newlines. I find that just using semi colons (for a small Program) side steps it

    I did also notice that backspaces behave weird; not deleting characters out causing some weird elastic band lag between what characters I've deleted and what is shown in the ide

  • I had this. Seems to be the newlines

    Are you using a physical keyboard, or the on-screen keyboard? I'll see what I can do to fix this, but it might be that the 'Hacker's Keyboard' will behave better for now.

    I did also notice that backspaces behave weird;

    In which side? On the left-hand side some really strange stuff has to go on, because Android has no keyDown events :(

  • Ok, if you refresh now then it should work a lot better. If you get a similar error can you make a note of it - specifically the characters it is complaining about.

    Note: It's actually pretty difficult to make sure it properly refreshes. When I've done it, just hitting 'refresh' doesn't always seem to update the file that I have had to change.

  • I was using hacker keyboard. Had it no matter what I did.

    Backspace seemed to act weird in the text editor side

  • Are you having the problem uploading now?

    Really strange about the text editor - it's an up to date version of CodeMirror, which is used all over the place - so I'm amazed it's got problems. Maybe it's the way it is embedded...

  • I will see if I can repro on a couple of different machines tonight. It's possible that it was just my tablet being rubbish

  • It's entirely likely that the tablet was cacheing an old version of the IDE's javascript files.

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Issues with IDE on Android

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