Modular and extensible UI framework and ui elements.

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  • Sat 2019.09.28

    What a fantastic contribution @allObjects

    I'm sure you are proud of the final result, now with the finish line in sight!!

    Had a hunch there would be a fair amount of updating content when I recognized the dozen of link earmarked entries a week ago.

    Although I won't have immediate time to delve into your accomplishment right now, will set aside some time this winter.

    Well done. Congrats!

    EDIT: (ten minutes later)
    Curiosity got the better of me:

    Love the immediate run/launch with the Html pages. Just tried the button press uiExample.html and it works without configuration in Chrome on Windows10, just launch and go. Simple, intuitive, impressive. BRAVO!

  • ----- 2019-09-30 Update -----

    Espruino Pixl makes its debut the ui framework... see the Preview in ---> post #18.

    From #post 18, download, unzip the attached zip file with the _sbx Sandbox folder, make Espruino Web IDE point to this sandbox folder and load the uiExamplePixl.js project file.

  • New update - with work in progress - that includes Emulations for Pixle.js and even Bangle.js... some work is still going on, especially for handling the non-touch and limited touch screens. Navigation from element to element in the ui works, 'clicking' on (regular) buttons, checkboxes and radio buttons work. Clicking on horizontal and vertical slider are setting their values so far - matter fact of touch emulation in the center - to the middle value. More to come there. Since all is JavaScript you can write code to practically emulate what ever you think of... You would just not emulate on the very low level hardware, but on the module level, add value input fileds and buttons to the html view to bring the module to life and let your application handle it properly in the emulation. This way even coding and emulating of time sensitive / ui dynamic applications are possible. The code already includes Pins and Buttons - specified in the board includes - and setWatch/clearWatch for buttons in the emulator HTML view. If you miss a behavior or item, just extend existing item or add a new one.

    Updated zip file is to be found in --->post #7 .

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    • bangle_emulationFirstShot.png
  • Have you tried your UI with the Bangle Emulator?

  • Yes I did and I like it very much... I know that - for some - an emulator may take a bit the push away to get a real board... on the other hand it makes development of logic so much easier, especially since the upload over BLE 'snails'.

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Modular and extensible UI framework and ui elements.

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