Problem w/version 1v86

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  • I've got the following code from the tutorial running

    But the function is being called when my finger is very close, but not yet touching, the shield around the pico button

    It gets called when I touch any of the pads on the back of the pico

    I can touch pretty much anywhere else w/no effect

    I thought this was very strange, so I tried this on another pico that had 1v80 and it did not do this - then I flashed that pico to 1v86 and it shows the problem

    setWatch(function(e) {
        digitalWrite(LED1, e.state);
      }, BTN, { repeat: true });
  • Ahh, thanks - I'll look into this now.

    Seems to be some issue with setWatch. If you put print(getPinMode(BTN)) before and after it, it seems to change the state :(

  • Ok, just fixed. Given it's so close to the release I've updated the release files for 1v86, so if you flash again, the problem should be fixed.

    Sorry about that - turns out it's been like that on the development branch for over a month and nobody seemed to complain (I seem to remember one forum post come to think of it), so I'd assumed everything was ok :)

  • you're the best !! btw, I've recommended the Pico for hardware control in one of our new kiosk designs - hopefully it'll mean lots of units !!

  • @user58511 hey, great! Let's hope something comes of it!

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Problem w/version 1v86

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