Error: Don't use RTC mem data...

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  • Hi,

    One of ESP8266 in our hands is not working while throwing the only message upon boot like the following:

    e0\0x0c\0x0c\0x0c\0x0cb\0x0cn\0xe2|\0x02­\0xec\0x8e\0x8e\0x8eb\0x8c\0xf2nn\0xee\0­x00\0x0c\0x8el`\0x02\0x90\0x12\0x12nn\0x­0c\0x8e\0x0el\0x0e\0x02nr\0x8e\0x92\0x92­n\0x0c\0x0c\0x92\0x02l`\0x02p\0xf2n\0xe0­\0x10\0x02\0x0c\0x0cr\0x8c\0x9c\0x9c\0xe­2\0xe0\0xec\0x0c\0x0c\0x0cb\0x0cn\0xe2|\­0x02l\0x8e\0x8e\0x0cb\0x8c\0xf2nn\0xee\0­x00\0x0c\0x8el`\0x02\0x90\0x12\0x12nn\0x­0cl`\0x02\0x0e\0x02nr\0x8e\0x92\0x92n\0x­0c\0x0cr\0x02l`\0x02\0x0er\0x92\0x92n\0x­0c\0x0cr\0x02l`\0x02rl\0x8c\0x8cn\0x9c\0­x8c\0xf2nn\0x9e\0x8c\0x9e\0xe2\0x8cr\0x1­2nnn\0x8c\0x0cl\0x8cb\0x8ebp\0x82lb\0x0e­l\0x00\0x0c\0xec\0x12\0x92l\0xec\0x12\0x­92\0x92\0x82\0x02\0x0c\0x0c\0x0c\0x0c\0x­0c\0x8c\0x0c\0x0c\0x8elll~rl\0x00\0x0c\0­xec\0x12\0x92llln\0x9c\0xe2\0x00\0x0c\0x­0c\0x0c\0x0c\0x0c\0x0c\0x8c\0x0cl\0x92ll­\0x0el\0x00\0x0c\0xec\0x12\0x92l\0x8c\0x­90n\0xe0\0x8e\0x02n\0xec\0x92n~\0x12\0x0­2\0x8c\0x8cll\0xe0\0x80b\0x0c\0x0c\0x8e\­0x8e\0x0c\0x12n\0x9eb\0x1c\0x92\0x8c\0x8­eb\0x0crb\0x1c\0x92\0x8c\0x8eb\0x0c\0x12­b\0x0ell\0x92\0x92n\0x02\0x0c\0x9en\0x8c­\0x92\0xe2nl\0x9e|\0x12b\0x12\0x0c\0x0c\­0x02l\0x0c\0x0c\0x0cl`\0x02rldon't use rtc mem data

    The last sentence, don't use rtc mem data might give a clue but it's meaningless for me. What would it be?

  • If you get a prompt, you can send a reset and then save.

    The strings at the beginning are at the wrong baud rate.

    The rtc mem data means it can read the last time from flash, but it sounds like there are other issues.

    Best bet is to use the flash tool, with the erase option. This will blank out everything, then reflash and it should be fine.

  • @ceremcem try to type reset() even without prompt or erase flash and flash again

  • There is no console, so I can not reset(). I am able to erase flash and re-flash the firmware, but it didn't help.

    It may sound weird: although I can flash/re-flash and use other ESP's, I am not able to do so with this ESP as I told; but my colleague is able to flash it. That means it's absolutely releated with my computer (but how come I could flash/re-flash/load-app with the other ESP's?)

  • If you connect to the serial debug pin with another ftdi , you can see the output there and see more of what is going on.

    Can't remember the pin off hand, I think it's labelled D4 on the nodeMcu board

  • And try another USB port - it could be drawing too much current.... Or use one of those cables that uses two USB ports, that takes power from both....

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Error: Don't use RTC mem data...

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