• This is an ESP8266 board with wifi. Bought one from Amazon for US$8.79, free shipping on Amazon Prime. For that price, it was worth getting one just to see what I can do with it.

    Has anyone loaded the Espruino ESP8266 build on this board? If so, any pointers (or link to a thread)?

    If not, any advice for me in getting Espruino firmware running on the board? Just came in yesterday, so I'm playing with it today, trying to get it working.

    If I can get it going, I plan to take an existing wifi driver and hack it to get it working with the wifi module on this board (again, if no one has already done it).

  • Thanks!

  • Just to point out, you're way better using the WebIDE than the basic terminal that the video recommends...

  • A quick followup: Another "NodeMCU" variation that is less expensive and more compact is the Wemos D1:

    As cheap as U$4.24 on ebay. Just a hair over the lower prices for raw 12-E boards (U$1.99), but easily usable right away with USB, 3.3V regulator, PCB gpio attachments, reset button, etc.

    Only limitation is not all GPIO pins are accessible. Got one, works just like the bigger NodeMCU board (without the LEDs, buttons, and access to a few GPIOs).

  • TLDR;
    To get the thing running from Windows 10:

    • connect micro USB on HiLetgo board to computer (mine didn't appear to start up with working Lua, so did flash as follows).
    • hold the "FLASH" button on the board, press and release the "RST" button, then after a few more seconds release the "FLASH" button.
    • run this this: ESP8266Flasher.exe for Win64 (see below for links)
      -- select COM port (should show up in device manager as "Silicon Labs CP210x...")
      -- click "Flash(F)" (progress bar should show progress until finished).
    • run LuaLoader (may need to select COM port and 9600 baud rate)
    • you're basically ready to see some output-- set wireless AP defaults through LuaLoader using the buttons, or type some Lua commands to verify Lua is running.

    Detailed instructions and links for ESP8266Flasher and LuaLoader are here:

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HiLetgo NodeMCU LUA WiFi Internet ESP8266 Development Board

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