• Hi,

    I found this conversation but I didn't find my answer in the replies.

    When I try to connect to a valid server, my application works as expected and exchanges data. If I try to connect to an invalid server, for example net.connect({host: "hello", port: 123}, function () {...., then it hangs while trying to connect.

    How can I implement a timeout or something in order to fall back to a default server?

  • OK, I've succeded with the following code:

    connect-to-server = !->
        csock = null
        connect-to = (server) ->
            console.log "trying to connect to the server...", server
            csock := net.connect server, (socket) !->
                console.log "client connected. "
                socket.on \data, (data) !->
                socket.on \end, !->
                    console.log "client disconnected..."
        connect-to first-server
        <- sleep 10_000ms
        if csock.sckt is void
            console.log "timed out, trying default server..."
            connect-to default-server
            console.log "Connected to the first server correctly, not trying default..."


    var connectToServer;
    connectToServer = function(){
      var csock, connectTo;
      csock = null;
      connectTo = function(server){
        console.log("trying to connect to the server...", server);
        return csock = net.connect(server, function(socket){
          console.log("client connected. ");
          socket.on('data', function(data){
          socket.on('end', function(){
            console.log("client disconnected...");
      sleep(10000, function(){
        if (csock.sckt === void 8) {
          console.log("timed out, trying default server...");
          return connectTo(defaultServer);
        } else {
          return console.log("Connected to the first server correctly, not trying default...");
  • You might be able to do:

    csock = net.connect(server, function(socket){
    csock.on("error", function(info) { ... });

    I think socket connections should time out eventually - it might take maybe 30 seconds or a minute though?

  • Yeah - it's an awkwardly long timeout. So if you're updating it too often (eg, in an interval), if the server goes down, it hoses everything.

    That's why I can't turn on some of the lights in my room if the webserver on the shelf in the living room isn't running.

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how to handle net.connect's error callback when hostname is weird?

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