• As I clearly understand that you are willing to keep things clear and tidy, you require every post to be sent over its appropriate channel.

    So, what purpose are the forums for? What we can manage with a forum where we can not with a good bug tracker, like Github's?

    As Jose Valim says about his Elixir, some may consider something as a bug and some other does not.For example, I do consider poor error messages, poor documentation, long documentation, long code requirement, small set of examples as a bug in my projects. What is a bug according to you?

    Additionally, I have no distinct separation between code and documentation. So, if a bug is related to code, it is also related with the documentation and vice versa. If it wouldn't, documentation generators (like Doxygen) couldn't exist in the first place.

  • My take on things :-)


    The gitter.im is a chat room - you'll need a github login to access.

    The forum is less formal and for discussions, and espruino JavaScript type questions.

    GitHub - two parts the espruino build, and espruino docs. This is more the engine room behind the code, although the docs in github end up as the reference part of the espruino.com/reference site....

  • Basically, if you have question, a problem with your code or don't understand/can't find something, please ask on the forum, unless you know what the problem is. Ideally have a quick search too, as amongst the 15,000 messages here there are a lot of answers to common questions.

    On GitHub, please post actual bugs, with steps to reproduce. For instance:

    new A isn't working like Node.js does when I return a value

    and not:

    Here are 2 bits of code I sent to Espruino. They're not working.

    If you've posted to the forum and we find there'a an actual bug, we can stick it on GitHub and link to it.

    The reason I don't like asking questions on GitHub is that issues that are answered get closed and are then much harder to search. It leads to people asking the same questions over and over, rather than finding the answer they were after.

    I totally agree there's obviously some confusion about what's a bug and what's not - but many of the issues you have filed on GitHub are clearly not bugs and are just you asking questions. The documentation was available most times in a very obvious place, you just hadn't read it - that's not really an 'issue' that we can fix.

  • It's more clear now. Habits differ between teams a lot. I can live what works for you.

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What is to post to forum, what is to post to github issue tracker?

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