Nokia or oled on nodemcu - hardware connections

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  • It's work now, thanks @MaBe.
    Reading Espruino website, there is no mention of this removed modules for ESP8266.
    I'm curious what other module that removed for ESP8266 build ?

  • The distributed binaries only contain Modules set in the Makefile (section ESP8266)

    • USE_NET=1
    • USE_TELNET=1
    • USE_CRYPTO=1

    Adding GRAPHICS need some extra make command line options:

    • RELEASE=1

    and a reduction of variables from 1700 to 1600 in

  • The reason it was removed is that it did not fit and the rom space was overflowing. @MaBe - it might be worth seeing if the graphics module fits within the current build I'm not sure how much space it was short on.

  • Using RELEASE=1 also cuts out all NET_DBG and WIFI_DBG statements in my build

    • check status of PR #1032 and #1033 for Espruino master

    so this is what you get:

    • user1.bin uses 474868 bytes of 479232 available

    variables from 1700 to 1600 in

    Did this, because needed more heap.

      "sdkVersion": "2.0.0(5a875ba)",
      "cpuFrequency": 160, "freeHeap": 10128, "maxCon": 10,
      "flashMap": "4MB:512/512",
      "flashKB": 4096,
      "flashChip": "0xe0 0x4016"

    So what do you think @Wilberforce ?

  • Is this with crypto and graphics enabled in the Makefile?

  • Yes

  • Well that's good then, so can this be set back to be the default?

    I wonder if when @tve removed if the release=1 flag was off?

  • @Wilberforce

    There is much more coding that can be excluded with DBG and DBGV macro controlled by RELEASE=1 for the ESP to free up more space ...

  • Hi
    Where can I find the PCD8544 library for JavaScript?

  • Thanks.

    var g = require("PCD8544").connect(SPI1,B6,B7,B8­, function() {
    • where?
  • Not quite sure what you are asking....

    Here is a thread for connection the Nokia display to the esp8266... not sure which board you are using..­287196/#comment13070259

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Nokia or oled on nodemcu - hardware connections

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