• https://makerville.io/knit/

    4MB flash, 512KB RAM, Broadcom wifi. 200MHz. This looks like a real beast of a $15 unit.

  • Yes, it could be an option. The Marvell chips do look quite interesting.

    At some point we'll have to have a push to make Espruino easier to run under an RTOS I think, and then it could be a lot easier to port it to devices like these (also the Broadcom WICED devices, which are possibly even cheaper).

    To be honest, if all you want to do is turn stuff on and off from WiFi then it's probably not hard to port. The main issue with all of these is peripheral access - a huge amount of effort has gone into ensuring that SPI, I2C, timers, etc 'just work' on STM32 chips... It's work that would have to be completely re-done when porting to other platforms.

  • As I'm seeing it, this is an STM32 F4, with the Marvell module on the breakout board being specifically for wifi.

    Maybe there's a significant difference between that and the other STM32 chips Espruino is already running on?

  • I didn't see that mentioned - if so, that's great - but it could be similar to the WICED in that while it's an STM32, you really have* to run under their RTOS, which means directly accessing the hardware is more of a pain.

    • On WICED it seems you don't have to use their RTOS, it just seems painful not to.
  • Hi, I'm one half of the team behind this

    It's not a Broadcom WiFi.

    It's Marvell's 88MW300 which has a CortexM4F and WiFi on the same piece of silicon.

    Rest of the specs look good :)

  • There are some other efforts going on from Marvell too I think
    The Andromeda Box Node on the link above is the same IC family as the Makerville Knit. Not sure what stage it is at though.

    Espruino on Knit/88MW300 would be great. I'll post an update when I have some dev boards to share, would love to get you guys early access to Knit.

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Makerville Knit - possible new high-resource platform for Espruino

Posted by Avatar for RandyHarmon @RandyHarmon