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  • There's now a new Web IDE (0.60) that should be auto-updating to your PCs soon. There are a few good changes in this one:

    • When you are choosing a port, the IDE will write 'Espruino' next to ports that it recognises
    • Long port names now don't wrap over in the port list and look ugly (this was only ever really a Mac issue)
    • After connecting, uploads are 'quieter' - there are less random =undefined messages
    • The IDE automatically waits 200ms after uploading each module - this can help with upload issues some people had when uploading big modules
    • If the upload does get corrupted (so the board would have become unresponsive) the IDE tries to recover it for you
    • You can now have more than one network connection specified (if you're connecting over the network to your Espruino)
    • You can also give people links of the form­y_url that will auto-start the Web IDE with your code. For instance just like this

    Let me know how you get on with it!

  • I would like the first line about donation's to be the same size as Credits
    I have now donatet 100$.
    Good luck with your project in the future.

  • Just letting you know that the link from the forum doesn't copy the code to the IDE, you have to refresh the page. Is this to do with the link shortening to

  • @Frida wow, that's great - thanks! I'll look at tweaking the text (the 'credits' version is slightly less pushy I guess) but realistically I don't want to submit a new version to the app store just for that, so it'll have to wait for a bit until the next update.

    Is this to do with the link shortening to

    It could well be. I noticed it being a bit strange too, so I'm not really sure what's up there.

  • Just put in a donation, glad the link is up. :) Espruino is awesome for my needs, I'm using it on a Nucleo board to test Arduino shields, I've got it in an ESP8266 board for a simple limit switch, my own stm32 home automaton boards and now I'm looking at using it in a Bluetooth watch. Espruino is making everything easier and faster, so I'm glad for the chance to chip in to support it! Thanks for everything @Gordon!

  • @the1laz thanks, that's great!

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New Web IDE

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