2 pin EEPROM!

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  • Anyone seen these before?


    An EEPROM that is bus-powered, so it only needs GND + DATA.

    Sadly they really missed a trick by creating a 2 wire EEPROM and then only selling it on 3, 4 or 8 pin packages! If they'd put it in an 0603 resistor package then we could have hacked it into all kinds of devices where there was an unfitted LED or pull-down resistor :)

  • Man, an eeprom in a 603 or 805 resistor package would be so cool...

    Though those are 1kb - only 128 bytes of EEPROM :-/

  • only 128 bytes of EEPROM :-/

    I know... but still - 2 pins! :)

  • The two pins aren't even on the same side of the SOT23, so you can't even squeeze it onto a spare 0805 spot. It's so weird seeing six NC pins on an 8 pin package...

  • Maxim offers a 1kb OneWire part, Ds24DS2502, in wafer scale packaging about the size of a 0603 (1.6x0.9 mm).

  • Nice - thanks for the link. Looks like it may have been out for a while too, so I wonder how Atmel can make such a big deal about being the first! And it's proper OneWire too.

    It'd be fun to see if the wafer scale package is usable - I've been scared off solder-ball type stuff so far :)

  • I've been scared off solder-ball type stuff so far :)

    I agree. Great for volume production but impossible for us little guys to prototype with manually. Unfortunate increasing number of parts now becoming available only these types of packages.

  • It seems that the AT21CS01 is slightly cheaper than the DS2502. (At least, comparing the prices on Digikey...) . Maybe this could be of importance in some case.

  • Atmel sees the unique serial number as a central feature, I think - they were really going on about GUIDs and the verification options available for memory chips and shit like that when their Atmel truck was in town. So I think that's the angle they're making a big deal about it from?

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2 pin EEPROM!

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