Espruino Web IDE button UI states flipped?

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  • Hi @Gordon!

    After some pondering I want to ask you if maybe some of the buttons in the IDE should be switched so they show what will happen, rather than what's happened?

    I think this is particularly true for the horizontal/vertical split. For the connect/disconnect, and the code/UI toggles per pane.

    Not sure what you intended but for me (it's always been like this I think) I need to press the 'disconnect' icon to connect. After a successful connection it turns to the green 'connected' icon, which I then press to disconnect. This feels backwards to me.

    What do you think?

  • Hmm, I'm pretty sure this was intentional since the first release, but I know what you mean...

    I think the assumption was that with (for instance) the horiz/vert split, it was more obvious what it did if you could compare the icon with the current state of the IDE. I'd be interested to see what other applications do for this kind of thing?

    What does everyone else think?

  • FWIW; every media player I've ever used (and the one I've made shows the play button when in pause state, and pause button when in play state. Windows, Linux and Mac shows (with the icon) what will happen when you press the maximize/minimize button, not what state you're in.

    My 2 bits :)

  • Gordon, is there a way to have the editor left and terminal right, for all of us lefties ?
    btw, i like the buttons as they are ;-)

  • @MaBe There's no button for it, no.

    However it's all on GitHub and is written in JS/HTML. You could probably swap the frames around pretty easily.

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Espruino Web IDE button UI states flipped?

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