LoraWan modules for Espruino Pico

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  • Holy shit! I did not expect them to go so fast! I'm going to ship em but I don't think the post will touch them until Saturday or next week due to holiday. I'd really like for one of you to try it and make sure they work before I order more, though

  • Good plan. No problem. I can wait for the next batch.

  • When people get these, please try them out and let me know if there are any issues - I've got a few people waiting for the next batch, so I'd like to order another run as soon as people can confirm that the design doesn't have some horrible flaw in it :-)

  • Definitely! I'll try them the day they arrive! :)

  • Gnz - was it your package that arrived yesterday?

    I'm itching for feedback - I've got tons of people on the waitlist for the second run :-)

  • Yep, that was mine! And also Borroz' according to this post on the TTN forum: http://forum.thethingsnetwork.org/t/rn24­83-breakout/729/20

    Will try them tonight and let you know!

  • Thanks, and thanks also for the TTN forum link. I'm eagerly waiting for news. If I hear back within like 8 hours (upper limit) and there's nothing wrong with them, I'll have the restock order placed tonight.

  • Suggestions (for tracking) from TTN:

    • Mounting holes
    • Pads for 3.3v regulator
    • Pads for level shifter (??? I'm not sold on the level shifter - I'm not sure if I have the space to implement it without making it less useful for everyone else, so I won't hesitate to drop this)
  • I'd be a bit iffy about the level shifter too - everything's going 3.3v, and there are plenty of 3.3v Arduino boards.


    • Tweak the DrAzzy text over a bit?
    • Label Antennas (someone said this on the other forum)
    • Move the labels 0..14 to the inner side of the board, label just 0,1,13,13 on the top, and then knock a few mm off the size of the board?

    Just ideas anyway :)

    • Mounting Holes
    • Markings on the antennae
    • 3.3v reg on underside
    • Fix my boilerplate drazzy.com line so it doesn't clip the pin markings
    • Not sure what you mean by "move to the inner side of the board"? In any event, the board is currently at a goldilocks size vis-a-vis my board house's pricing terms - I can't make it larger without a step change in per-unit cost (50% or so), nor is there anything to gain unless I can dramatically shrink it.

    It looks like BoRRoZ has soldered it down...

  • So it turns out I had TX and RX backwards for purposes of Espruino Pico. They're marked right and all, but it won't work if you put it in a breadboard since TX will be matched with TX :-/ (this will be fixed). I always do that....

  • Nothing like triple-checking... :-)

  • Not sure what you mean by "move to the inner side of the board"

    Yes, it was just shrinking the width a little - My feeling was that having the pin strip right on the edge made it easier to access, but it's not like it makes a big difference really :)

  • Order placed!

    I also changed that NC (not the one on the power - that's now NC/Vin), the one that would connect to B3 on Espruino) to connect to reset, some other people on that forum were saying they found reset pin to be useful. So there it is.

    Mounting holes.
    Longer pads for easier soldering.
    Pads on the bottom for a regulator and caps.
    Better silk, labels on the antennae
    TX and RX now line up correctly for pico

    Ordered plenty of them this time too.

  • Back in stock!

  • I'd love to make a post over in that thread on The Things Network, but I'm not allowed to make any more posts in that thread because I have already made three posts there, and I'm a "new user".


    Can anyone help me out there and let people know that these are back in stock?

  • Does anyone know if this breakout board would work with a RN2903? As far as I understand this is what I need to use here in Canada (915 Mhz radio).

  • !!! Pinout is identical - it should work!

    I wonder how many other compatible units there are?

  • Nice. Btw I left a message on the TTN forum yesterday to let people know your boards are back in stock.

  • Actually - Re: RN2903, there are two differences:

    • Low frequency antenna output is not connected.
    • High frequency antenna output is 915mhz, but board marks it as 868. But yeah, it should work fine.
  • Did anything ever come of this? Is there any example code?

    Looks like getting the RN2483 working isn't too painful at all: https://thinginnovations.uk/getting-star­ted-with-microchip-rn2483-lorawan-module­s

  • I've been super busy but I had a simple driver working at some point, I will make it a bit more complete now that the ttn open network has OTAA support and publish as soon as I have a bit of time.

  • That'd be awesome - thanks!

  • Good morning.
    I hope to use this in a quad project where the real time cam gets pushed to the cam input of the Espruino Web Interface.
    The project is for the kids I teach in my spare time.
    At the moment, I feel like I wish to use the nRF52 possibly nRF51 (micro:bit).
    Basically, weight is a problem and I need to have a pcb which contains as much for as little weight as possible.
    A basic start is via this https://github.com/CodingPiratesSilkebor­gLydOgLys/nrf52-quadcopter
    Gordon has promised that a puck.js I ordered should arrive soon: I weight it and see the pcb footprint so that the puck.js can be placed on a pcb.
    Then, find the components needed to create a basic "plug and play" Espruino quad.

    Br Owen

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LoraWan modules for Espruino Pico

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