Actual binary ?

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  • By uploading new binary from­mits/ I'm confused by version numbers.
    Most actual version based on date is 1V81.700
    The one before is 1V81.705
    Download you recommended is 1V81.196
    Somewhere between is 1V81.751
    These are not released versions, no problem. But sometimes they are helpful and at least they are worth testing to find (eventually) problems, before they make it into release.
    What are these numbers giving to me ?
    Which one is most actual and should be used for testing ?
    How do they match to ChangeLog ?

  • Check out­mit_date/

    The date on is the date at which the files were built - which is not the date that the commit was made. If I push many commits in a short period of time, the server starts building the newest commit first - which hopefully explains the issues.

    In the version number 1v81.XXX, XXX is the commits since the last release - so if I have some code that I have been working on that is on a Git branch, that can unfortunately have a totally different set of numbers to the ones on the master branch.

    Basically if you want to be 100% sure of the latest (and what it is):

    Otherwise you can choose the latest from­mit_date/?C=N;O=D - but it's possible you might pick up a later commit that's not on the main git branch.

    I guess I should really add a symlink like­est?

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Actual binary ?

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