El wire?

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  • Iv seen tutorials online with el wire and a shield for adruinos. Is it possible to connect el wire to arduino if so how much could i power or how many?

  • It is possible but EL wire work with 100V at a few hundreds hertz. So need to add some interface circuit to drive EL wire with the Espruino.
    The how many answer depends on the possibilities of the interface circuit. I have seen an EL shield at seeedstudio for Arduino which was able to drive four EL wires. Each of them could be powered on/off.
    They also have another one that maybe more interesting working both on 3V and 5V but driving only one EL wire

  • You can also just switch power to a standard (cheap) supply/inverter for the el wire with a mosfet. Note that you can't pwm it, the inverter will not like that. I do that for backlighting for the display on my desk lamp (with el panel).

    You will need a separate supply for all but the tiniest el wire projects

  • If you want to dim the EL wire you shall change the frequency of the inverter

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El wire?

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