v1.81 issue?

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  • I have two picos, one on v1.80 and a new one that i've just flashed to v1.81.

    On the board running v1.81 some code presents this error:

    > in function called from system
    > Uncaught ReferenceError: "l" is not defined
    >  at line 1 col 23
    > {digitalWrite(LED1,l=!l);}
    >                       ^

    The pico running 1.80 has no issues with it. Maybe there is more to it than this but this is the only obvious difference between the two picos? Has anyone else seen anything like this?

  • It is not an issue, it is a feature.
    Look here : http://forum.espruino.com/conversations/­275631/

  • Thanks for that. I should have looked at that again before posting. Makes sense though - best fix my sloppy code :)

  • Was it actually sloppy code? If it's code that runs ok on a PC that fails on 1v81 I'd be interested to see it :)

  • I think that particular snippet is copy paste from the Espruino site actually, but there were others that were of my own crafting ;)

  • Ahh, I tried to change the snippets on the Espruino site to work with 1v81 - looks like I missed the 'Flashing Lights' tutorial - I'll fix it now.

    If you find any more, please can you let me know?

  • No problem, I imagine that could be a pretty big task given the info on there. I should have read the v1.81 release notes properly. That way I wouldn't have posted here plus you might even have got a PR for the change :)

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v1.81 issue?

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