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  • ¿Can I power espruino with a power adapter with 12V 2A output?
    This adapter is giving power to a 5 meters led strip, ¿would be any problem with power if espruino is switching on/off the led strip with a relaymodule?
    ¿Could both the espruino and power strip share the same output from adapter?

  • In english, you only need the ? at the end of the question.

    12v is within spec for both Espruino boards.

    On the Pico, put +12v on the BAT_IN pin.

    On the classic Espruino board, put it on the positive side of the battery connector (or onto VBat - this is okay since you're powering with >5v)'

    Yes, you could use the same power supply for the Espruino and the LED strip, and either relays or MOSFETs to turn it on and off (I sell suitable MOSFET drivers in my tindie shop - https://www.tindie.com/products/DrAzzy/s­imple-sot-23-mosfet-six-pack-loaded/ or https://www.tindie.com/products/DrAzzy/4­-channel-mosfet-board-20a-20v-25v-gate/ depending on how much current you need ). The advantage of MOSFETs is that you can use PWM to dim the LEDs, while a relay can't be turned on and off fast enough.

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Power supply

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