Espruino EMW3165 port

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  • This little WiFi module + STM32F411CE chip with 2m flash and 128kb ram is cheap and awesome!
    EMW3165 on

    Is it possible to port the Espruino firmware on this chip?
    Would be great to get directly the WiFi functionality as well ;)

  • Hah, that was quick! I was just having lunch and reading that article on Hackaday :)

    Well, I actually got an e-mail this morning from someone who'd got it working on their board, and at second glance it looks like their board has that module on. I'll see if I can get more info on whether they're making their changes open source or not, and whether their code supports WiFi.

  • I jumped onto the forum to post the same thing! Ever since discovering Espruino, every time I see a new board with an STM32 on it I want install Espruino on it...

    Actually, I just got my Nextion display in the mail today, it would be amazing to have Espruino running on it, you get a touchscreen and sd card on a very thin board for about $15.

  • Ok, it looks like they've got it working by just copying the details from the NucleoF411 - so at least it's easy to get it running.

    No WiFi yet though - which is kind of the point! :)

    I've got some boards on order. The fine pitch looks like it'd be a bit of a pain - and I'm not sure if the module has USB exposed, so I think to be much use it'd need an adaptor board.

  • There is new board with EMW3165, WiFiMCU.
    It runs lua, any chance to get espruino run on it?

  • Their website's down at the moment, but there's a thread on this that I posted on today. While I haven't ordered one of those boards I do now have some EMW3165 and I've ordered some breakouts.

    It'd be nice if someone on the forum would help out a bit on the WiFi side of things as I imagine that'll be a steep learning curve though.

  • Has anyone gotten any parts of Espruino to work on the emw3165?

  • Annoyingly no - I have the EMW but I'm still waiting for the breakout boards to arrive!

    Frustrating as it should work really nicely on them, with minimal tweaking.

  • But if you're interested in helping with this, it'd be awesome!

    I think it shares the same WICED API and stuff as the Amazon Button thing, so that could be quite a fun use for the port as well :)

  • Well, I made a tiny start so something at least compiles and pretends to be for the emw3165:­2169d6d73f2690a3cac405fc78db65966f2a15a Maybe it'll save someone a few minutes of keystrokes :-). I'm now stuck with an st-link-v2 adapter that doesn't quite want to work. It doesn't reset the emw3165 reliably or something like that. Symptom is "Error: timed out while waiting for target halted". Grrr.

  • Wow, great!

    I'm now stuck with an st-link-v2 adapter that doesn't quite want to work

    Welcome to STM32 development!

    You probably want to make sure you define the JTAG pins:­b/master/boards/

    Otherwise when Espruino 'resets', it might set the pin state of those up to analogs (saves power) which then kills JTAG until you hard reset into the STM32 bootloader mode (so it doesn't load the firmware any more).

  • I have couple of WiFiMCU (10 US$ EMV3165 breakout board) which runs lua (it runs very good), but I would like to run Espruino on it more.
    I hope the development will show some results soon.

  • Gordon, thanks for the tip! That might well be the issue.

  • Some more progress: I now have Espruino compiling against the WICED platform stuff and I can link the whole shebang into an executable, download it and call to the Espruino main from a WICED application_start() function. When it boots it gets to the Espruino main_loop() but then evidently dies thereafter.

    The whole set-up is quite hokey: I'm producing an espruino_lib.o and I have a WICED "app" that I'm linking Espruino as a library into. Dunno what to do longer term...

    Not sure when I'll have more time to see where it's failing...

    Github repo:­3165

  • more info here:­276160/#comment12578162

    Looks promising :) Shame if it is tied so heavily to FreeRTOS

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Espruino EMW3165 port

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