Espruino Pico boards now available!

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  • I got some brand new shiny Picos last week and sent them off to distributors, who now have them online:

    Adafruit should follow soon too, and I'll update this post when they do.

    I've also stuck the boards on Tindie:

    Prices are in dollars because that's what Tindie wants, but I'm actually posting those out from the UK. If you want your boards quickly I'd go with a proper distributor though - I only pack boards up and send them off twice a week.

  • I see you're still waiting on the tindie gods for an approval on unpinned ones?

  • Luckily it got sorted over the weekend :)

  • as bundle with the WIZ550io plug-in Ethernet module and adapter the PICO is also available in our e-sales.
    For all Europe, in Euro €:
    WIZnet.EU Shop Espruino Pico bundle kit
    best regards, Joachim

  • The Order has just been updated again, Adafruit now sell Picos too!

    Forgot to add WIZnet.EU though - I'll do that in a bit!

  • Adafruit is out of picos, do you know whether they'll be getting more soonish? An alternatives in the US?

  • It all got delayed a bit because I ran out of stock of unpinned ones, and had to get a redesigned batch made by Seeed (new ones have a fuse on them, because a few people managed to short GND and VCC on the old ones out :).

    I still have a load of stock of pinned boards, but sadly Adafruit don't like stocking those for some reason.

    Adafruit actually got the new batch last week and I believe the update of stock has just been delayed because they want to take a new set of pictures. I'd be pretty sure they'll be marked as in stock early next week so it might be worth putting your name on the wait list.

  • thanks for the update!

  • Adafruit is really good about shipping boards without pins installed. Much cleaner for those of us using in a product. Also, it goes well with their minimal packaging.

    fyi, Micro-center stores have a pretty awesome DIY area these days with a lot of boards, including many from Adafruit. Maybe they would be a good channel to sell the pinned stock?

    Great work on the Espruino! I'm in the process of migrating from a raspberry pi based solution to the v1.4.

  • @lukevanhorn - yes, it's probably because the shipping gets cheaper. It's just a shame as a lot of users like plugging it into breadboard, and if you've never done any electronics before then soldering a bunch of pins on is often a step too far.

    Interesting about micro-center, I hadn't heard of them before. I'll drop them an e-mail and see what happens.

  • Microcenter? So I could buy a Pico in a local brick and mortar store? That'd be sweet!

  • It would be nice. I was trying to do that with Maplin in the UK, but haven't had much luck yet.

  • Since I bricked my Pico and I can't get it working I'm looking to get a replacement but Adafruit is out and I don't see any other US distributors posted. I'm trying to get my friends into hardware hackery and since this is the second board I've bricked (shorted ground/VCC on the first) I'm thinking of ordering like 10 just to have some spares lying around. What's my best option for ordering ~10 Picos? What about 100?

    Also how do I make sure I get new ones with fuses on them?

  • Wow, thanks! If you wanted to order 10 then you could just get them through me. I do 10 boards for £14.67 (ex vat) each (if you wanted 100 it's just £12 ex vat) - you wouldn't have to pay VAT as you're in the US, but you might get stung for import duty?

    New boards with fuses are actually in the post to me right now so should arrive in the next few days (but then Adafruit should update their stock status very soon as well)

  • @errantspark, every factory dreams of customers like you that buy boards by batch of 100 and serial fry them ;-)

  • Well I'm not planning on frying any others, but what I plan and what takes place ain’t ever exactly been similar. Probably gonna solder an SD card onto the next one so I don't accidentally clobber my bootloader again though.

  • Just to add - that first board that got shorted out - you should still be able to use it just fine if you either replace the diode (black component nearest the USB connector), or actually just short it out (in which case you shouldn't plug s battery into the Pico at the same time - but that's the only thing you need to worry about).

    ... or you can still use the Pico without modifying it at all if you use a battery of separate power supply with it

  • @errantspark some adaptor PCBs are on the way here at the moment as well and should arrive in the next week. They adapt the Picos to a bunch of stuff - including SD cards (you'd have to solder the connector on yourself though). If you order some Picos from me I'll chuck one in.

  • The Micro Center here in Cambridge, MA has a DIY area with an impressive amount of boards, kits, tools. The Espruino would be a natural fit. If it helps, I can try and speak with the local purchasing manager the next time I visit.

  • Thanks, that'd be great! It might help having a potential customer coming to them and asking them - I haven't yet got a reply to my message via their website.

  • Just to add, looks like Adafruit finally started selling the Picos again:

  • Got mine from adafruit in the mail today. Now I'm official :-)

  • Thanks!

  • Gordon. Before order a few picos. Has the adafruit picos the extraflash mem ?

  • Yes, they all should have the flash memory between 384 and 512. I just checked with one of the boards from the batch that Adafruit have.

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Espruino Pico boards now available!

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