Using Espruino IDE without internet connection?

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  • Hi @Gordon is there a simple way to upload code to the Pico without internet connection?

    Currently I'm using the nice Espruino Web IDE - everything nice and fancy.
    But If I'm going by train and want to push my new code to the Pico, the IDE reports some erros, that the libraries can not be found.
    I think, this is because they're loaded from - right?

    How can I change the modules path and the JavaScript Compiler URL to some local directories...

  • Well, the Project section in Settings actually lets you set up a local directory on your filesystem so you copy in the modules you need and can develop offline a bit more easily.

    However if you want everything, if you go into Settings, then Communications, you should see something in there called Module URL.

    You can point this where you want - however because the Web IDE is a Web app there are still security restrictions so you can't point it at a file/directory :(. If you've got a webserver on your PC you can just point the IDE at that though, and can then drag all the modules off the web with wget -r -l 1

    You can do the same thing with the compiler, but it's more of a pain to set up - and you don't need it unless you're doing any functions with "compiled" at the top of them...

    Finally, under Settings, then Board, you can set the board URL. That one's useful for autocomplete, but probably not much else.

    Hope that helps! It'd be cool to have an 'offline' mode actually that basically did that automatically. It's probably not that difficult.

  • When I need to do that, I use the sandbox/projects feature, and put copies of the modules in that local modules directory.

  • Wow never thought it is easy than this!
    thx - it works perfect for me ;)

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Using Espruino IDE without internet connection?

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