Espruino Pico available to buy!

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  • I'm still waiting for the next batch of Espruino Picos to arrive (ETA still 2 weeks), but in the mean time I decided to sell the Espruino Pico boards that got damaged during manufacturing.

    These all work, but they have some cosmetic damage at the ends:­ms/espruino-pico-cosmetic-damage/

    As such they're a bit cheaper than the perfect boards will be when they get sent out to distributors. There's more information on the page above.

  • Half an hour in and you've already got 24 orders? I think there's some demand. :)

  • Yes - I've now sold 60 after an hour! Looks like this afternoon I'm going to be spending my time packing then :)

    To be fair I e-mailed everyone who'd put their email address down to say they were interested, so I doubt this will continue for that long...

  • Any of these left @Gordon? I am going to have to make an order soon and wouldn't mind trying the pico

  • Yes, absolutely. Just check the link above. I'll be shipping another batch out today, so if you order soon it should get shipped pretty might straight away.

  • Placed an order through Tindie :)

  • I've already bought 5 Picos ;)
    They are really awesome!!!

  • Great, thanks! I'll get the ones ordered over the weekend sent out today.

  • I got my (cosmetically) damaged Pico today! The one I got isn't all that bad, so I'm pretty happy about that!

    And, I've recently found out that my soldering skills are terrible, so I'm glad that it already has pins on it!

  • Yeah, those "cosmetically damaged" ones actually look pretty good for the most part.

    And, I've recently found out that my soldering skills are terrible, so I'm glad that it already has pins on it!

    Practice makes perfect - get some perf board and some pin header, and practice soldering on pin header. To make it easiest on yourself, use leaded (63/37 or 60/40) solder (lead-free solder doesn't flow as well, and needs higher temperatures). Soldering on pin header is probably one of the easiest soldering tasks, and you will inevitably need to solder on pin header sooner or later. Crappy perf board and pin header is dirt cheap on ebay.

  • Great! Yeah, they're not too bad. I'm keeping the really awful ones for myself :)

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Espruino Pico available to buy!

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