How does a Hall Effect sensor work?

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  • I'm using a Hall Effect sensor that likes to just switch to an on state and stay there even when the magnet is taken away. I might just need a general knowledge of the sensor as well as a few questions below.

    How would I deactivate the sensor every time? like for example, putting the same side of the magnet to the HEs or the opposite side?

    Any way to not have it act like a switch?


  • It depends what kind of 'switch' you want to have... take a look at hall-effect-applications. It may give you some ideas. For the actual device it matters what additional electronics it has built in transforming the hall effect. For some applications you want to have it work as a switch - digital - and for some you want to have it as a gradual measurement - analog - and either behavior plus additional one is the additional electronics measuring the magnetic flux.

  • Part number of the sensor?

    I suspect the answer is in the datasheet.

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How does a Hall Effect sensor work?

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