Esprunio pico wifi module

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  • I was wondering where can I get the wifi module. Also does Esprunio have a 3G cellular module.

  • The module descriptions usually inlcude links where to buy... There are tons of suppliers, especially when looking at ebay. Which (non-ebay) supplier you chose depends also on what module you are looking for. I go tmy first pieces from Adafruit - as residing in the US. I also got my (standard / classic) Espruino from there... and some other modules.

  • No cell module had been written... Yet. for esp8266s (the CC3000 kinda sucked - and cost far more; I don't recommend it)

  • I am using the GSM2 Click with the espruino for GSM. There is an AT library (­/blob/master/modules/AT.js) that has been utilised within the wifi modules and some of the others. I am using this library to send commands to my GSM module.

    Example code:

    var at = require("AT").connect(Serial4);
    function SendSMS(phone_num,message,callback){
        console.log('Phone number set:' + phone_num);
          console.log('Message text set:' +message);
            return callback('Message sent');
  • @Hardware_Hacks that's great! Any luck getting GSM data on it?

  • Is there any examples or video on Soldiering the wifi module onto the PICO. I need a getting started video for the PICO and wifi module

  • Aaah, so you've got an Espruino Pico, and the ESP8266, and the shim, and you're looking for more detailed instructions than the ones here?

    There is a video there - not sure how helpful it is (haven't watched it).

    Soldering the three power pins is a little weird, since they're not castellated pads, but you're basically trying to use them as if they were.

  • The info above is the best there is at the moment... If you're not happy doing the soldering with the bits of wire, you can buy and use 0.05" pin header - but it's a bit trickier to get hold of than the usual 0.1" stuff.

  • Im a soldering noob I want to add wi-fi to My pico. Do I have to solder?

  • Have you seen the videos that are on this website:

    They use a 'shim' PCB that you can buy, but it's a nice easy way to get a very compact system.

    Either that or you can connect just 5 wires to an ESP01 module - shown in the table here:­p

    If you have a pinned Pico and some patch wires then you can do it without soldering at all.

  • Thank you, I saw the videos but it seemed a bit fiddly (I'm a software guy). Evently I want to learn, but I don't want to mess up the board.

  • I'd definitely recommend the ESP01, pinned Pico, breadboard and patch wires - it's all very cheap (well under £10 total) and very flexible.

    There is of course if you want something with it all pre-installed

  • @Gordon thank you for the advice.

  • @furuskog I would recommend you buy preinstalled one. You definitely don't want to go through the troubles which I had.


  • @navas Well I ended up spending my hard earned money on a puck but I don't think I'm going to regret it. I figured that it would cover my user case. Thanks for the advice any way. :)

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Esprunio pico wifi module

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