what kind of pins do i need for the pico

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  • I was wondering what kind of pins do i need for the pico. Also should i solider them

  • For solid contact you solder them. You can take plain straight male or female, stackable or non-stackable.

  • There's a bit of info on soldering pins to the original Espruino Board here: http://www.espruino.com/Pin+Strip

    Not sure if that helps, but there are some links to pin strip you can use.

    Personally I'd suggest you use soldered 0.1" in strip. While you can get solderless pin strip, it's actually more tricky to insert than soldered stuff because you've got to be able to push it in really hard without bending/breaking anything (it's just not possible to do by hand).

  • I use male pin header on the Espruino (and anything I connect it to) and female to female dupont jumpers

    If you're using breadboard, you probably mostly want male to male jumpers, since you'll be pushing things into the breadboard.

    Yes, you always want to solder connections - for pin header, or really anything where you want a reliable connection to a board (and when do you want any other kind?)

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what kind of pins do i need for the pico

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